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Wayne is a Florida native and he made his first move to the Upper Cumberland in 2007.  His family tree roots itself right here in TN with his grandparents and descendants coming out of this great state and surrounding Appalachia’s. So it was the easiest thing to do when moving from FL to the area of the Upper Cumberland here in TN.
Wayne has shared in the journey of family business ownership with his dad in Fl and he has previously experienced owning and operating a small franchise bakery for 8 years in Cookeville.  All things in business great or small surrounds itself by the community you serve and the Upper Cumberland Community is a place that thrives on community!  With Wayne’s previous private business experience combined with his Real Estate knowledge having been a Lic Realtor in FL and TN, he will be able to serve you as you navigate through your Real Estate Journey.
If you are on the fence about relocating, give Wayne a call and he will be happy to share his relocating journey. The Upper Cumberland awaits you and Wayne will be happy to get you here and settled. There are tons of questions to ask and things to consider, but if you don’t take a step, you are simply standing still.
If you are a recent Great Harvest Bread Co customer, Wayne would love to share a cup of coffee with you sometime and simply catch up!!