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931-526-3700 / carol@reptn.com

Focus, Integrity, Loyalty, Honor, Faithful…Just a few of the words that can describe Carol.
If you’re looking for an agent that will bring these characteristics to the real estate process; look no further.
Although Carol was not be born here, her roots run DEEP in middle Tennessee. Carol’s family from both sides have called Putnam and White County home for multiple generations.
Her 30+ year marriage to her husband Ron speaks to the values that she continues to instill into her two sons and three grandchildren. Carol both KNOWS and IS Tennessee. Educated and specially trained to the local market; Carol is uniquely qualified to both understand and address the people and places that make Tennessee our HOME.
If you should ever need the assistance of a local that will always bring the values of middle Tennessee to a relationship; feel safe knowing that Carol is the one person that you can count on to answer the call.

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115 North Washington Ave.
Cookeville, TN 38501

P.O. Box 1189
Cookeville, TN 38503

Phone: 931-526-3700
Fax: 931-528-3480

Business Hours:
8:30 am to 5:00 pm (Mon. thru Fri.)

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Jill Gaw Betcher/ Realtor
931-265-0103 jill@reptn.com

Sherri Smith / Broker
931-510-3628 sherri@reptn.com

Olivia McCoy Cobb / Realtor
931-200-3686 olivia@reptn.com

Jennifer Acuff / Realtor
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Natalie Hester / Realtor
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Jayce Weatherspoon / Realtor
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Carol Smith / Realtor

931-261-0564 carol@reptn.com