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In Touch Team 

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The In Touch Team’s emphasis in staying in touch with customers, market, education, and community. Customers can count on the team to stay in contact with them from the beginning contact throughout the process and years after you have owned the property. Real Estate market goes up and down so be sure you work with the Realtors who stay InTouch with local economy.  InTouch Team rises early every morning to keep up with the ever-changing inventory, interest rates, trends, and customers needs. Staying up to date on the latest real estate law with continuing education is of utmost importance.  Team Leader, Sherri Smith, has worked hard to obtain designations as Principal Broker, GRI, Epro, ABR, local UCAR board of directors, and C2EX shows the strive for excellence. The community in the Upper Cumberland is all about the people.  We put our money and time where our mouth is.  Contributing to Habitat for Humanity, YoungLife, Highlands Leadership, Cookeville Chamber Commerce, Home Builders Associations, school sports, local churches, Christian Motorcycle Association, food pantries, and local celebrations keeps us InTouch with our community. 

Sherri  grew up in Algood and raised her  family Cookeville  Although she has  traveled all over the world there is no place to live like Middle Tennessee. Strong family with a foundation in God keeps the group grounded.

Sherri has been married to Richard for over 32+ years.  She began her real estate career over 15 years ago to assist her family with dreams of their own. Sherri’s eye for detail in the contracts and looking out for customers best interest makes her easy to talk to and feel heard. Three married daughters and 1 grandchild makes life fun. In Sherri’s down time you will find her soaking up the sun on Dale Hollow Lake, reading a book, or riding motorcycles across the U.S.

Cole recently moved to Cookeville area from Ohio with a stop in Chattanooga TN and to marry his wife, Leslie. Cole and Leslie chose to move to Cookeville to be close to his wife’s family. Cole has been working as a leasing agent at Real Estate Professionals of Tennessee for last few years. After serving tenants, working leasing contracts, and handling customer service he decided becoming a Realtor will benefit customers who are ready to transition from tenant to home owner.  Building a real estate portfolio is a way he is planning to build his future.  His down time you will find Cole jeeping across the hills of Tennessee, playing disc golf at Cane Creek Park, during football season cheering on the Michigan Wolverines, fur dad of Zeus and Thor, and enjoying every moment with family

It is time to work with experienced respectful kind Realtors with the InTouch Team. 

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115 North Washington Ave.
Cookeville, TN 38501

P.O. Box 1189
Cookeville, TN 38503

Phone: 931-526-3700
Fax: 931-528-3480

Business Hours:
8:00 am to 4:00 pm (Mon. thru Fri.)

Contact Our Realtors Directly For Home Sales:

Jill Gaw Betcher/ Realtor

931-265-0103 jill@reptn.com

Sherri Smith / Broker

931-510-3628 sherri@reptn.com

Jennifer Acuff / Realtor

931-303-7831 jennifer@reptn.com

Natalie Weatherspoon / Realtor

931-261-5609 natalie@reptn.com

Jayce Weatherspoon / Realtor

931-644-5476 jayce@reptn.com

Olivia McCoy Cobb / Realtor

931-200-3686  olivia@reptn.com

Jake Cobb / Realtor

931-303-8037 jake@reptn.com

Robin Dirro / Realtor

818-359-1456  robin@reptn.com

Ali Olsen / Realtor

435-512-4846 ali@reptn.com

Cole Harrah / Realtor

419-279-0647 cole@reptn.com

Wayne Howell / Realtor

931-214-1655 wayne@reptn.com

Amanda Howard / Realtor

931-510-0199 amanda@reptn.com

Maegan Smith / Realtor

931-349-6629 maegan@reptn.com

Carrie Stewart / Realtor

931-252-2466 carrie@reptn.com

Bill Davis / Realtor

931-260-1643  bill@reptn.com